YEAR 6 DUE BACK AT 4PM 03.07.15

From Mr. Emery: End of day 4 - 

A great day here at Kingswood! The children have seemed more excited today than the first day! Must be all the rain we had earlier! We had a fantastic evening at the Kingswood Club where lots of moves came out! It was followed by a hot chocolate on the playground before bedtime. We have our last two activities in the morning before lunch. We hope to depart by 1.30pm. WARNING FOR PARENTS: you may be faced with a considerable amount of wet clothing after the water fight on Wednesday and the rain today! 


Also food is fantastic! They have not gone hungry!

And finally for now: Mission Impossible involved solving a series of problems all around the Kingswood site to help the children explore their new surroundings.

Many thanks.


From Mr. Emery - end of Day 3  



WOW what an action packed day we've had! The children are doing incredibly well and are making the most of the wide range of activities they have on offer here at Kingswood! We had a visit from Mrs Wright and Mrs Hubbard today which the children really enjoyed! There are a few tired faces appearing this evening so we expect an early night tonight (fingers crossed) before another fun filled day tomorrow.


01.07.15 Year 6 Residential

Mr. Emery has called to say that all the children slept very well last night after their full day of activities. Breakfast is completed and everyone is waiting to start go-karting and some fencing; it's set to be another packed day at Kingswood!The children will be having regular breaks and taking on fluid throughout the day to safely enjoy the weather they have today. Thank you.

30.06.15 Year 6 Residential

Mr. Emery called to say the Year 6 children have all had their breakfast, have sun protection on and are ready for "Mission Impossible" and some climbing. They are all very excited to learn about what the "Mission Impossible" challenge involves..... more details in the next update. Thank you.



Ofsted 2015

Today we have received our Ofsted 2015 Report, which you are welcome to view here and we will also be sending out a hard copy with the children next week.  We are incredibly happy and proud with the outcome and would like to thank all the parents and carers for their valuable input and support.



Welcome to Jeavons Wood Primary School website.  We hope you will enjoy using this site and that it will help you to discover more about our vibrant new school community, the fantastic learning that takes place and the core values that underpin all we do at Jeavons Wood.

As we all know, the experiences a child has during the first eight or so years of their life impact enormously on the kind of person they will become in the future.  A significant proportion of this time is spent at school so it is crucial that, in establishing a new primary school, we do absolutely everything we can to get things right.  What do we mean by 'right'?  Well, from an educational point of view, it's about creating an enabling environment and delivering a stimulating curriculum through which all children can become enthusiastic and highly competent learners.  But we want more than just that.  We want to ensure that our school is a place where everyone can experience a whole range of successes and where children are enabled to become confident individuals who are independent and creative in their thinking.  We want to establish a climate of care and consideration in which children respect one  another and enjoy learning about each other's achievements.  We want to foster an ethos underpinned by strong moral values that will provide children with an exemplary model for living.